Our Products

  • Avjet Kerosene

    Aviation Jet Fuel is a grade of kerosene intended for aircraft powered by turbine engines due to its high flashpoint.

  • Aviation Gasoline

    Aviation Gasoline or Avgas is a grade of gasoline used in the internal combustion engines of aircraft. With a higher octane than Motor Gasoline, Avgas is highly refined so that it remains in a liquid state at low pressure in high altitude.

  • Diesel Heating Oil

    Diesel is an important transportation fuel used in diesel engines found in vehicles, heavy machinery, boats and even power generators.

  • Fuel Oil

    Heavier than diesel, fuel oil is typically used for heating, bunkering and other industrial purposes. Low and medium sulphur fuel oils are available at Petrotrin. Typically, the material is low pour, low metals with less than 8% asphaltenes.

  • lpg fire
    Liquified Petroleum Gas

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG is a group of gases, mainly propane and butane, that have been liquefied under high pressures. LPG is used in a variety of ways including heating, cooking and refrigeration.

  • Sulphur

    At Petrotrin, pelletized sulphur is available for loading in bulk by conveyor belt.

  • Motor Gasoline

    Lighter than Diesel Fuel, Motor Gasoline is the main transportation fuel used in cars and light transportation vehicles. Motor Gasoline has different grades with varying octane numbers that remark on a fuel’s resistance to knock.

    We manufacture motor gasolines to customer specifications. We supply the local, regional, Latin American and US Gulf Coast markets.

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