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Petrotrin currently has eight functioning clubs at Pointe-a-Pierre, Guaracara, Penal/ Barrackpore, Fyzabad, Forest Reserve, Palo Seco, Beach Camp and Clifton Hill, Trinmar.

These clubs were established by our predecessor companies to meet the social and recreational needs of employees and their families and to provide a facility for Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives implemented within our fenceline communities.

Today, at Petrotrin, the management of these clubs support our holistic approach to wellness. Activities held at our clubs help boost employee morale and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Sporting activities at our club facilities include swimming, tennis, squash, archery, cycling, cricket, football and a range of track and field activities.

Our grounds at Guaracara Park and Palo Seco have been used to host various national sporting events and programmes targeting local and international athletes and cyclists including Southern Games, the Petrotrin Palo Seco Games and a number of local and regional cricket activities. Many national athletes who went on to international stardom were first trained at the facilities of our clubs. 

The clubs also provide business revenue for the Company as, in addition to the provision of activities for employees, they offer membership and rental packages for events hosted by the wider community.

Contact our Clubs for more information on some of our rental packages available to the wider community.

To apply for membership at the Petrotrin Sports Club, Pointe-a-Pierre (Guaracara Park), please click the following link to download registration forms. Completed forms must be returned to the Club offices at Guaracara Park, Pointe-a-Pierre.

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