Our offshore operations

We are the largest crude oil producer in Trinidad and Tobago with a stake in almost all local exploration and production arrangements.

With more than 100 years of predecessor experience in crude oil production, we take pride in preserving a legacy of optimum efficiency and outstanding performance.

Exploring Possibilities

In an increasingly competitive oil and gas market, the stakes are high to discover and develop new hydrocarbon reserves.

At Petrotrin, we continue to explore new ways of increasing production in our mature fields as well as actively engaging in the search for potential crude oil and natural gas in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our scope of Exploration and Development activities ranges from seismic acquisition and data interpretation to exploratory and development drilling on land and offshore.

Maximizing Productivity

As a State-owned enterprise, we ensure sustained growth for every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and acknowledge our significant contribution to the national economy.

Our philosophy is simple - increased production equals higher profits. We work hard to optimize returns from our producing assets – Land and Trinmar - at optimal operating cost in conformance with acceptable Health, Safety & Environment practices, standards and legislation.

A Valued Partner

In addition to our own production efforts at Petrotrin, we engage in strategic alliances with third parties for assets on land and offshore to increase our supply of indigenous crude and natural gas.

In the upstream division, our partnerships include joint ventures, lease operatorships, farmouts and incremental production service contracts.  

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Expanding Our Operations

Petrotrin’s land and marine acreage spans the southern half of Trinidad. Our joint venture assets are located onshore across the central and southern parts of Trinidad and offshore the north, east, south and west coasts of the island, including an area north of Tobago.

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