Refinery at night

A Leader in Refining

Home to the only refinery in Trinidad and Tobago, we pride ourselves on the ability to process a mix of locally produced and imported crude oil.

Our refinery sits on an expanse of 2000 acres of land and is located in Pointe-a-Pierre on the west coast of Trinidad along the Gulf of Paria, some 35 miles south of Port-of-Spain.

Its strategic location cost effectively supplies the Caribbean, Central America and the United States markets. We are a leading supplier of petroleum products in the CARICOM region.

Targeting Market Growth

We are committed to maximizing return from our refinery investment by optimizing our process units to maximize yield of high-valued products, reducing operating costs and increasing production and reserves. With a full conversion capability of 168,000 bpd, our main refined petroleum products include Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Aviation Fuel, Motor Gasoline, Diesel and Fuel Oil.

The port at Pointe-a-Pierre, situated in the Gulf of Paria, accommodates oil tankers up to a maximum capacity of 120,000mt DWT (deadweight tonnes).

As a responsible corporate citizen, we have increased our efforts to produce cleaner and more environmentally-friendly gasoline and diesel at our facilities through our Clean Fuels Upgrade Programme which comprises the Gasoline Optimization Project and soon to be completed Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Project.

History of the Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery - 100 years of experience