Petrotrin is owned by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. As a State Enterprise, Petrotrin is under the direct control of the Minister of Finance acting as the Corporation Sole. The Ministry of Energy & Energy Industries is the Line Ministry that provides specialised technical analyses and statutory approvals for the Company’s operations. The Ministry of Energy also ensures that Petrotrin adheres to Government’s policy guidelines.

Our Board of Directors

Petrotrin is governed by a Board of Directors which monitors our corporate performance to ensure legal, financial and strategic compliance. 

The members of Petrotrin's Board of Directors are Wilfred Espinet (Chairman), Reynold Ajodhasingh (Deputy Chairman), Anthony Chan Tack, Nigel Edwards, Joel Harding, Selwyn Lashley, Eustace Nancis, Linda Rajpaul and Randhir Rampersad. Effective 2017 September 15,  Messrs. Robert Riley and Leroy Mayers were appointed as Advisors to Petrotrin's Board of Directors.

  • Chairman Wilfred EspinetChairman Wilfred Espinet
  • Chairman Wilfred Espinet

    Chairman Wilfred Espinet

  • Reynold AjodhasinghReynold Ajodhasingh
  • Reynold Ajodhasingh

    Reynold Ajodhasingh

  • Selwyn LashleySelwyn Lashley
  • Selwyn Lashley

    Selwyn Lashley

  • Nigel EdwardsNigel Edwards
  • Nigel Edwards

    Nigel Edwards

  • Eustace NancisEustace Nancis
  • Eustace Nancis

    Eustace Nancis

  • AChanTackAnthony Chan Tack
  • AChanTack

    Anthony Chan Tack

  • Joel HardingJoel Harding
  • Joel Harding

    Joel Harding

  • Director Linda RajpaulLinda Rajpaul
  • Director Linda Rajpaul

    Linda Rajpaul

    Ms. Linda Helen Rajpaul was appointed as a Director to the Board of Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited on 2015 September 30.

    Ms. Rajpaul holds a Bachelor of Law Degree (LLB) from the University of West Indies, as well as certification in Procurement, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Pension Administration from Keele University, Newcastle, U.K. 

    Ms. Rajpaul is a Legal Consultant at B.D. Hewitt & Co. and Legal Advisor to the Port-of-Spain City Corporation. She also performed the roles of Corporate Secretary and Legal advisor/Officer to:

    • Trinidad and Tobago Oil Company (TRINTOC)  
    • Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT)
    • The Vehicle Management Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (VMCOT)
    • Trinidad and Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC) 
    • The Estate Management Business Development Company (EMBD) and a past director of Development Finance (Caribbean) Limited (DFL). 
  • Director Randhir RampersadRandhir Rampersad
  • Director Randhir Rampersad

    Randhir Rampersad

Our Commitment

We are committed to meeting the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our business. This commitment is underpinned by our Mission, Vision and Values which informs our strategy and corporate governance practices.

Our guidelines and company standards are built upon the following growth columns: Respect, Trust, Value, Stewardship, Accountability and Integrity. 

Our policies, programs and practices are developed to maintain the highest standards of business. They also ensure that we remain responsive to the needs of our stakeholders and comply with the law and all applicable regulations.

Interim Oversight Team

At a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors held on 2018 February 28, Members approved the establishment of an internal Oversight Team. This Team will have caretaker and oversight responsibility for designated areas of operations of the Company during the interim period as follows:-
  • Chairman Wilfred Espinet-Human Resources, Corporate Services and all Direct Reports (except MHSE)who previously reported to the President
  • Deputy Chairman Reynold Adjodhasingh-Finance
  • Director Anthony Chan Tack- Refining and Marketing
  • Advisor Robert Riley- Exploration and Production/HSE

Transparency in our Operations

We are committed to demonstrating transparency in our operations as we develop relations that are critical to our long term success. As such, we engage our stakeholders and demonstrate transparency through reports, press releases and our website. Members of the public can formally request information from Petrotrin on financial, environmental and social issues in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Our Internal Audit

Our Internal Audit Department has been entrusted with the powers to guide and evaluate Petrotrin's activities to mitigate against the risk of fraud and corruption and to conduct internal audit activities where required.