Our Training & Development Programmes

Globally, our human resource is expected to meet the growing demands of a technologically advanced world. Equally imperative is the need to develop a reserve of adequately experienced professionals throughout all sectors – oil and gas being no different.

At Petrotrin, we offer training programmes that aid in closing the gap between academic qualifications and hands-on, real-life working experience.

Undergraduate and Graduate Training Programmes

Graduate Training Programme

For recent graduates, we offer an exciting two and a half year programme that consists of challenging work assignments, project rotations and developmental opportunities.

It is designed for persons with a keen interest in the oil and gas industry who wish to gain quality experience in their area of interest. The programme is available across a wide range of disciplines.

Undergraduate Vacation Training Programme

This dynamic opportunity caters to students who have successfully completed one full year of a Bachelor’s degree programme from a recognized, accredited university. It runs for approximately 8 weeks during the mid-year vacation period.

The primary focus is to provide participants with opportunities to convert their theoretical knowledge into practice within the working environment while building business competencies and core values.

Craft Apprenticeship Programme

If you are interested in building a rewarding career in the areas of Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical, Welding or Industrial Maintenance, this is the programme for you! It runs for a duration of two and a half years and entails a combination of classroom, on-the-job training, practical exercises and assessments.

Refinery Operator Apprenticeship Programme

Have you completed your technician’s diploma and considered training to become a refinery operator? Given the fact that we’re home to the only refinery in Trinidad and Tobago, Petrotrin is a great place to start. This programme offers candidates the opportunity to advance their skills and gain the experience needed to embark on a successful career in this exciting industry.