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28 AprProgress made with clean up activities

Containment and recovery works continued apace today at the site of Sunday’s (2017, April 23) oil-spill at Pointe-a-Pierre. Recovery works are expected to continue in the following days, but given the progress made, plans are being developed for the next phase that would include remediation works to the affected area. 

Aerial and marine surveys conducted during the day revealed that the hydrocarbon that had escaped the containment area was moving in a west north-westerly direction and poses no visible threat to the south-western peninsula at this time. Company vessels have been deployed to areas where there are visible sheens of hydrocarbon and are currently addressing the situation. 

Petrotrin notes concerns expressed over the impact of the spill on the Guaracara River and its adjoining communities. However, the Company confirms that the spill occurred in the Tank Farm of the Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery, which is north-west of the Guaracara River. 

The Company also continues to treat specifically with birds and other wildlife that have been impacted by the spill, including rehabilitation and remediation activities. 

The Company continues its efforts in conjunction with the Ministry of Energy & Energy Industries, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), Occupational Safety & Health Agency (OSH) and the Office of Disaster Preparedness & Management (ODPM) to ensure that all necessary regulatory requirements are adhered to. 

Petrotrin remains committed to ensuring that all necessary measures would be taken to minimize the spill’s impact on the environment. 

Corporate Communications Department

 2017 April 25