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With a proven expertise in exploration, development, production, refining and marketing activities that has been developed for more than century, Petrotrin is today leading a new wave of exploration and production in Trinidad and Tobago.


Though the company turned 20 in 2013, Petrotrinís predecessors have been operating since the start of commercial production in Trinidad and Tobago in 1908.


Today, Petrotrin is the largest crude oil producer in the country with a stake in almost all local exploration and production arrangements with foreign companies. The company has also been involved in the upstream gas market since 2000.

Petrotrin's Energy Map

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The companyís upstream focus is to increase production and reserves to support the operations of its refinery. To facilitate this thrust, the Exploration and Production (E&P) Division comprises three main functions:

Exploration and Development

Production Operations including Land and Trinmar Operations

Joint Venture Operations

Scope of Operations 

Petrotrinís upstream operations cover a wide range of activities targeting growth opportunities to ensure the companyís continued success. These include:

Exploration activities

Seismic acquisition
Processing and interpretation
Technical studies
Exploration drilling

Development Activities

Infrastructure design and installation

Land Production

Crude oil and natural gas production
Primary production
Enhanced Oil Recovery 

Offshore Production

Primary oil production

Lease Operatorships, Incremental Production Services Contracts ,Farmouts

Joint Ventures

Land and nearshore
Offshore: Natural gas, oil and condensate production

 Support Services

Drilling, well servicing, maintenance, labs
Project Engineering

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